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Due to coronavirus (COVID – 19), we are also providing IT support remotely and pick-up services in order to support customers in self-isolation.

Because a lot of people are doing it tough with isolation, we understand how even more important it is to keep your computers and devices running smoothly. This ensures that people can still stay connected safely.  Especially those who are working from home ( it's very important that your computer is working properly and is running the correct security software in order to stay safe from computer hackers).

In order to help people who are struggling financially due to (COVID - 19), we have made the decision For A Limited Time to reduce prices for computer repair and IT services to make the costs more affordable.

Below are some of the services we provide.  We can help you with any IT problems.  Call now for a free quote.

Remote IT Support is:

Secure – All your data is safe.

Fast – We can provide support quickly.  There’s no need to wait for travel time on a short notice.

Flexible – We can provide support no matter where you’re located.  You don’t have to be local.

Over 85% of the IT problems can be resolved remotely.

Providing Professional IT Services Since 2001

We have serviced thousands of happy homes and businesses all over Victoria since 2001.

We can help you with all your IT needs such as

  • Printers
  • Windows Machines
  • Macs
  • Wireless Networks
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet Configuration
  • Any PC Repairs
  • Any Laptop Repairs
  • And More!

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Call for a free Quote! 0438 003 352 or let us call you back.

  Call for a free Quote! 

    us call you back.

Below are some of the services we provide.

Computer Setup

Install software, transfer data from your old computer, setup printer, email, and antivirus.

Email Setup

We will help setup a new free email account or transfer an existing one. Up to 2 email accounts.

Data Backup

We’ll provide you a solution to backup your computers and mobile devices such as drop box, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.

Mobile Device Setup

Need help setting up your mobile device such as your phone or tablet? We can guide you all the way (up to 2 devices).

Virus and Spyware Removal

Need help removing spyware, popups? Has your computer been hacked? Let us clean up your computer and make it secure again. We’ll advice you what security software to use, check for vulnerabilities that need addressing.

Computer and Software Upgrades

We can help you with any software, hardware and netowrk upgrades.

Software Installation

We can help install and setup any software including your printers, office applications, antivirus, etc.

Network Configuration

Our technicians will help you setup your network. From sharing printers, files, wireless setup and any other devices.

Preventatie Maintenance Audits

We can audit your computer systems such as your network, security and software in order to help prevent problems.

Online security

Need help choosing and installing security software to protect your computer from viruses. We can install and configure security software that will protect your computer from hackers, spyware, and any infection. Your firewall will be configured properly to ensure all your devices, and software work properly with your computer.

Remote Access Setup

Do you need remote access to your computer in the office? We can setup and configure remote access to any computers in your office securely. Even if your computer isn’t a server, you’ll be able to have multiple users access the same computer at the same time.

Other Technical Problems

For any other IT needs:


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Call for a free Quote! 0438 003 352 or let us call you back.

  Call for a free Quote! 

    us call you back.