Computer Services

Computer Sales Upgrade

Computer Sales / Upgrades

Is your computer running slow or out of space?  It may be in need of an upgrade.

Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs

We service businesses and the home user on-site. We fix, repair, maintain, supply and install a wide range of computers.We can audit your PCs for potential problems and then take preventative action to help ensure that this doesn’t happen to your business.


Backup and Data Recovery

What would you do if you lost your important files? We can set up your system to automatically perform backups. You can have your system up and running in about two hours. We can also help you recover files that have been accidentally deleted, damaged disks, etc.


Virus Removal

Is your computer behaving weird? Viruses and/or spyware might be to blame. Call in the experts to remove the infection and install a solution to protect you in the future.

Internet Setup

Internet Setup

Having problems setting up Internet?  Don’t know where to start.  We can install and setup your Internet including your email settings. It doesn’t  matter what kind of modem you have.  We can also configure wireless setup with security to stop others from accessing your Internet / computer.


Supply, installation, setup and configuration of networks a speciality. Do you have more than one computer? We can network them together for you so you can back-up data from one to the other, or play games with more than one player, share one printer or the Internet, and any other devices with all your computers. We help you get the most out of your computers.


Video Connection

We can set up computers within homes, offices to communicate with each other using cameras, microphones, headsets, etc.We can offer a true end-to-end solution, whether our customers are first-time users or experienced video conferencing professionals requiring a cost effective solution.

Computer Training

Computer Training

Want to learn how to best use the internet? Don’t understand all that computer jargon?We can teach you how to get the most out of your computer, either new or existing.


Remote Access Support

At your request we can take over your computer to help with complex support queries. It’s safe and secure!  

Computer Service and Maintenance

Computer Service and Maintenance

Computers are like cars, requiring regular service and check-ups to ensure they run efficiently and trouble-free. Simple preventive maintenance can keep your computer performing at its best. When was the last time your computer got a thorough check-up?


Computer Troubleshooting

Home users and business environments can encounter computer troubles at any time. We can help troubleshoot your computer no matter what problem you have, we’ve seen it before. Count on us to fix your problem quickly with minimum fuss.


Internet Security and Firewalls

Is your computer or network secure? With the massive growth of the Internet, Internet security has become extremely important. Protect your computer from being hacked and prevent data theft.  We will audit your system and provide you with a solution.

Tablet and Phone Setup

Tablet and Phone Setup

Having trouble setting up your phone and table?  We can setup your email, connect your devices to your home network or internet, setup your apps, cloud printing, share and access files on your network, access your computer away from home,etc.

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